Dynam Meteor V3 Instruction Manual
The Dynam Meteor V3 Build Instruction Manual include the steps below:

Dynam Meteor V3 Specification

Wingspan: 910mm/35.8in"
Overall Length: 1100mm/43.3"
Flying Weight: 1100g/38.8oz
Wing Loading: 55.8g/dm²
Motor: BM2827-2600KV
ESC: Skylord-60A ESC
EDF: 12-blade, 70mm
Servo: 5x 9g micro servos
Landing Gear: E-Retract (Retractable)
Tx: 6CH+ 2.4Ghz 6-Channel or above
Rx: 6CH 2.4Ghz
Battery: 4S 14.8V 2600mAh Li-Po 25C
Aileron: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: No
Material: EPO Foam

Meteor V3 Spare Part List

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-001 Fuselage

METEOR-001 Fuselage

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-002 Canopy

METEOR-002 Canopy

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-003 Elevator

 METEOR-003 Elevator

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-004 Wing

METEOR-004 Wing

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-005 Vertical Stabilizer

METEOR-005 Vertical Stabilizer

Dynam Meteor V3 HWHU-16 EDF


Dynam Meteor V3 HWHU-17 EDF Metal Parts

HWHU-17 EDF Metal Parts

Dynam Meteor V3 HWHU-18 EDF Fan


Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-006 Landing Gear

METEOR-006 Landing Gear

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-007 Push Rod

METEOR-007 Push Rod

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-008 Plastic Part

METEOR-008 Plastic Part

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-009 Decal

METEOR-009 Decal

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-010 Screw Set

METEOR-010 Screw Set

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-011 Plastic Exhaust Cover

METEOR-011 Plastic Exhaust Cover

Dynam Meteor V3 METEOR-012 Cockpit

METEOR-012 Cockpit

TomCat Skylord 60A ESC

Skylord 60A ESC

Dynam DYR-2001 2.4G Receiver

DYR-2001 2.4G Receiver

Dynam DY-1007 9G Servo

DY-1007 9G Servo

Dynam DYB-07 Pilot

DYB-07 Pilot

Dynam DY-3003 Glue

DY-3003 Glue

Detrum DTM-T006 6C Transmitter

DTM-T006 6C Transmitter

TomCat TC-2827-KV2600 Brushless Motor


TomCat TC-2827-KV2600-Shaft Motor Shaft


Dynam DYT-1023 E-Retract φ3.1 90°

DYT-1023 E-Retract φ3.1 90°

Dynam DY-1024 Meteor Front E-Retract

DY-1024 Meteor Front E-Retract

Meteor V3 Assembly

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

1. Glue the pilot.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

2. Glue the canopy.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

3. Insert the elevator and rudder servo wires through the fuselage slot.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

4. Apply glue to the elevator and install it on the fuselage.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

5. Glue the plastic exhaust cover in place.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

6. Glue the rudder servo horn.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

7. Secure the vertical stabilizer with PA2.5*8mm screws.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

8. Insert one end of the Z-shaped pushrod into the servo arm and the other end into the rudder servo horn.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

9. Open the canopy this way.

Dynam Meteor V3 Build

10. Secure the wing onto the fuselage with PWM3*35mm screws.

Meteor V3 Decal

Dynam Meteor V3 Decal Sequence

Directions for Meteor V3 Assembly & Adjustment

Directions for Dynam Meteor V3 Assembly & Adjustment

The ideal C.G. position is 105~110mm behind the leading edge, measured where the wing meets the fuselage. Add weight to the fuselage or move the battery position to obtain the C.G. specified. Check the C.G. before flying.


Dynam meteor v3 build