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Dynam, the leading RC models brand, founded in 2005, is dedicated to making the user the perfect flight experience by developing leading-edge RC production. Our RC products export to more than 60 countries and regions and bring excellent enjoyment to users worldwide. The Dynam RC developed a range of remote control airplanes for beginners and experienced pilots.

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DetrumTech, Co, Ltd Introduction (Dynam RC, TomCat, Detrum)

DetrumTech, Co, Ltd Introduction (Dynam RC, TomCat, Detrum)
Dynam Me-262 New Painting

Dalejoshcassiegael Ivie

I painted mine in desert camo. It looks best flying! All of them are in the shadow of the mighty ME 262.

Dynam planes are now the best value since the electronic components improved. My favorite and most plentiful brand of aircraft. I am so happy to see Dynam coming back! Although you never really left.

James Butler

I think the Dynam WACO is one of the most underrated planes out there. They are also a great blank canvas for anyone looking to customize a plane. I have three, the oldest is over ten years old and it is still flying great. I modified the oldest to replicate a PT-14. While Boeing got the lions share of the trainer contracts through WW II, WACO also provided some trainers.

My third Dynam WACO is just a fun exercise in red, white and blue.

Dynam Waco New Painting
Dynam Albatros D.Va

Gunnar Pettersson

not much of a collection as I still only own 1 Dynam plane, but she still flies good every summer 🙂

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