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Dynam Planes Collection

Dalejoshcassiegael Ivie

I painted mine in desert camo. It looks best flying! I love the F6F Hellcat. But all of them are in the shadow of the mighty ME 262.

I have so many flights on this I can't count them. The only thing I changed was putting on a three blade prop. It performs in all weather! -25°C is no problem at all. It also has the most dynamic range for batteries. I use any 4 cell I have. From 2200 to 4000Mah. Bravo Dynam!

Dynam planes are now the best value since the electronic components improved. My favorite and most plentiful brand of aircraft.

I still have the original. It flys so well I haven't been tempted to get any other. A perfect stablemate to the Tempest.

This P-47 is one of the best. Now with more power it might be able to keep up with mine. I am so happy to see Dynam coming back! Although you never really left.

Bill Smrtic

My 2 custom painted Dynam Corsairs. Still flying after 10 years.

Dynam F4U Corsiar
Dynam Warbirds

Christopher Pointer

Made some slight paint revisions to mine. I painted my own up. My Dynam FW. Modded the landing gear and a repaint.

David Smout

My BF110 unfortunately with the terrible pushrods, but getting the new one because it was an awesome looking airplane.

Dynam BF110
Dynam Albatros D.Va

Gunnar Pettersson

not much of a collection as I still only own 1 Dynam plane, but she still flies good every summer 🙂

James Butler

I think the Dynam WACO is one of the most underrated planes out there. They are also a great blank canvas for anyone looking to customize a plane. I have three, the oldest is over ten years old and it is still flying great. I modified the oldest to replicate a PT-14. While Boeing got the lions share of the trainer contracts through WW II, WACO also provided some trainers.

My third Dynam WACO is just a fun exercise in red, white and blue.

Dynam Waco
Dynam B-26 Marauder

Barrie Canavan

Great flyer!...

Chris Smallman

Is there going to be a V2 of the 109? One of the best planes you make! Have had mine for years. Little more power would be great, not much just a bit.

Dynam BF110 & BF109
Dynam ME 262 & F4U

Darrell K Carson

I used to fly mine on 6s anyway. Solved the cooling issue years ago with an air scoop mod and exhaust ports. Maybe it's time to get a third one.

Heather Keay Babecki

I have a few of them.

Dynam T28

Ian Summers

T28 my favourite! Still flying after 4 yrs, original motor & servos.

Jason Cramer

I've had 3 Dynam Wacos because eveytime I repaint mine, I end up selling it to buy anither one and paint it a different way. Dynam's greatest model of all time.

Dynam RC bf109

Kuba Lasota

Like mine with new paintjob.

Luis Valdez

My 109. Did a lil customizing.

Dynam BF109-Tiger Moth-Spitfire 1200
Dynam ME BF-109 RC Plane Review

Kevin Combs

Dynam BF 109.. bought this two years ago... I have close to 100 flights... Not one bad mishap... Still has all the original servos... This was a plug and play... One of my favorite planes to fly..!! Dynam makes excellent aircrafts!!!!!

Michal Řezníček

Dynam-Rc actualy i have too Dynam A-10 this one repainted and upgraded to 12 Blade EDFs.

Dynam RC A10
Dynam RC Planes Collection

Richard Lewis

I have almost every WW 2 fighter Dynam the picture was of my personal collection...and my friends say ...I have a plane problem..

Myke Flesher

I love twin engine bombers... Heres my Dynam B-26 Marauder...

Dynam RC B-26 Marauder Planes
Dynam PT-17 Yellow

Randy Estrella

I bought the Dynam PT-17 and love it! I fly from rough desert areas, so I modified the landing gear to allow bush wheels and put the wheels a little more forward of the CG.

Rodzi Osmn

I love to fly mine.

Dynam SU-26
Dynam P-51 FG

Bill Valentine

I've had them all and they are great.

Russ Iobe

I have purchased 3 Waco biplanes it's my favorite plane you produce and I own the Trojan, hellcat, beaver, Fw 190, tiger moth. I will be purchasing another Waco after the holidays.

Dynam C-47 Green & Waco Yellow

Ian Summers

Mine's pushing 5 yr old now, upgraded landing gear, 1200kv motors, elevator and rudder servos replaced otherwise as is
Flies mint!

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