Discover Dynam RC's beginner-friendly trainer airplanes: Bigfoot STOL Primo Trainer, DHC-2 Beaver V2 sea/land, Cirrus SR22 V2, C-182 Skytrainer, Super J3 Cub PA-18 and Hawksky V2 for versatility. Enjoy the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and excitement!

Dynam SRTF Primo STOL for RC Beginners

Surprise! Experience the SRTF Primo, your first radio control plane complete with ABS 8ch TX + Gyro Rx, battery, and charger. With just the Dynam 8C in hand, there's no need for additional apps or programmable cards. Adjust your RC airplane's gyro data effortlessly through the 8C transmitter alone.

Dynam DHC-2 Beaver V2 Seaplane w/ Floats

Dynam DHC-2 Beaver Red Sea/Land RC Plane 1500mm 59inch Wingspan PNP/BNF/RTF - DY8961RD

Dynam Primo w/ Smart Flying ABS Technology

Choosing your very first radio control plane is an exhilarating endeavor. For newbie pilots, the Dynam Primo SRTF version stands out as the ultimate 'beginner' aircraft. Praised for its stability, slow flight capability, durability, and user-friendly operation, the Primo is a top choice among high-wing trainer favorites.

Equipped with ABS (Auto-Balance-System) stabilization technology, the Primo SRTF ensures smooth flights from takeoff to landing. Featuring large tires and a powerful brushless motor, it can take off in just 1 meter and land with Flap in about 2 meters.

With our smart iStone technology, seamlessly switch between four flight modes: Gyro off, Normal, Aerobatic, and Auto-Recovery (Auto Balance). Plus, with the Fail Safe feature, even if the aircraft flies out of range, Beginner Mode kicks in, offering self-leveling and limiting pitch and roll attitudes for a safe return to straight and level flight. Intermediate Mode reduces limitations, while Experienced Mode provides full control without electronic assistance.

Dynam Primo RC Beginner Trainer Red STOL Bigfoot 4S w/ Flaps

Dynam Primo Trainer Red RC Plane 1450mm 57inch Wingspan PNP/BNF/RTF - DY8971RD

STOL Primo (Short Take Off and Landing)


Dynam Primo Beginner's Trainer Kit

The Dynam Primo Beginner's Trainer Kit – your effortless gateway into the RC flying world. This all-inclusive package features essential components: a PNP plane, radio system, 6-axis stabilization receiver, charger, battery and more.

With the Detrum Gavin-8C transmitter, programming is simplified – no additional apps or programmable card required. Adjusting gyro settings is as intuitive as navigating your radio controls. Prepare for a delightful surprise.

Meet the Dynam Bigfoot STOL Primo, boasting large rubber wheels, an expansive wingspan, and formidable power – the prime choice for newcomers. Embark on your RC journey with ease and exhilaration.

Dynam DHC-2 Beaver V2 Red 4S Bigfoot STOL 1.5m Flaps for Beginners

Beginner DHC-2 Beaver V2 Bigfoot STOL

Stable, durable EPO foam, and versatile. Dynam DHC-2 Beaver V2 4S with beginner-friendly features (Flaps and Bigfoot STOL). Easy assembly, compatible with 4S batteries, and scale appearance for an authentic flying experience. With its rugged design and reliable performance, the DHC-2 Beaver is perfect for beginners looking to explore more adventurous flying environments.

Primo Bigfoot STOL Beginner-Friendly Plane

STOL Design & Bigfoot: Short takeoff and landing capabilities for beginners and diverse fields.

1450mm Wingspan: High stability for learning and advancing flying skills.

Beginner-Friendly: Easy to control and maintain, making it an ideal entry-level aircraft choice.


4S Battery & Expanded Compartment, Flaps Added

Enhanced control and slow-flight characteristics. Provides powerful performance, extending flight time and versatility.

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