Detrum iStoneAll V2 DSM & S-BUS 6-AXIS Gyro & Stabilizer for EP RC Airplanes

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Detrum iStoneAll V2 DSM & S-BUS 6-AXIS Gyro & Stabilizer for EP RC Airplanes - DTM-G003V2

Detrum iStone-All V2 is the 6-axis gyro & stabilizer special for RC airplanes, including normal, delta, and V-tail airplanes. It connects with the receiver to control the flight; the iStone-All V2 stabilizer supports three flight modes. Normal mode can greatly improve the stability of flight. Safe mode means the pilot will achieve one-click rescue easily. In Aerobatic modes, it can lock the airplane to its previous attitude, which accomplishes the users' aerobatic flight.

For connecting with the DSM receiver, iStone-All V2 adds two output channels based on the previous version. It can implement more functions, such as controlling the landing gear and flap, rather than just controlling the aileron, elevator, rudder, and throttle.

Toggle the mode switch on the transmitter to make the accelerometer calibration. This original calibration method that iStone-All V2 adapted is more convenient than connecting the computer or restarting the stabilizer.

iStone-All V2 is compatible with all transmitters in the market, such as Spectrum, Futaba, Detrum GAVIN, Etc. It also supports DSM, S.BUS, and PWM receivers. Users can set the programmable items via a 3-in-1 program card for more convenience in operation.

The optimized algorithm in flight control based on the previous version brings a better experience for users and more flexible control in flight.


There are six output channels for controlling the aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder, landing gear, and flap.

Toggle the mode switch on the transmitter quickly to calibrate the accelerometer. It is a simpler way to operate than connecting the computer and restoring the stabilizer.

The optimized flight control algorithm offers a better user experience and more flexible flight control.

32-bit high-performance ARM MCU, 6-axis sensor chipset.

Original attitude stabilization algorithm and control algorithm.

Support normal wing, fly wing, and V-tail airplanes.

Support mode switch via MODE channel can switch between different modes.

Four flight modes: Gyro Off Mode, Normal Mode, Aerobatic Mode, and Auto-balance (Safe) Mode.

Set the programmable items (aileron/roll/rudder gain, level offset, flight mode, Etc.) via a 3-in-1 program card.

Support DSM, S.BUS, and PWM receivers.

Mini dimension, supporting different mounting directions (face up, down, left, and right).

You can switch to Auto-balance (Safe) Mode when the aircraft is flying unstable or cannot control it very well.


Main Controller: 32-bit MCU
Sensor: 6-axis gyro
Gyro Scale Range: -2000dps ~ +2000dps
Accelerometer Scale Range: -4g ~ +4g
Input Signal: PWM, Futaba S.BUS, DSM
Input Channel: 6 (four for PWM, one for S.BUS, one for DSM)
Output Signal: PWM (71.4Hz)
Output Channel: 6
Input Voltage: 4.8V ~ 7.4V
Operating Temp: -20℃ ~ 70℃
Size: 36.5*29.4*12.6mm
Weight: 10g

How Do iStone Stabilizers Help with Your Flying?

The iStone series stabilizer FC can assist the aircraft to fly more safely through RC technology, flight control algorithms, and rapid data analysis and processing.

Auto-Recovery Mode (also called Auto Balance Mode)

Choose this mode to lock the tilt angle on the pitch and roll axis. When operating, the airplane will maintain level flight automatically. It will also sense the angular velocity on the yaw axis and react momentarily. When switching it to this mode from any other mode in an emergency, the airplane will recover automatically to the level flight, known as a one-click rescue. It is suitable for new beginners or FPV applications.

Normal Mode

The gyro will sense angular velocity on each axis and react momentarily. The normal mode is suitable for all types of airplanes. It can effectively improve the stability of your airplane, especially on a windy day.

Aerobatic Mode

Adding the altitude hold function to the gyros will lock the airplane to its previous attitude if there is no command sent from the transmitter in a flight. This mode can effectively help you to accomplish an aerobatic flight.

Gyro Off Mode

Choose this mode to turn off the gyros for all channels.

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