Detrum Sentan Airplanes Flight Controller with OSD

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Detrum Sentan Airplanes Flight Controller with OSD - DTM-FC01

The Sentan flight controller is designed for airplanes, suitable for normal and delta wings, and can make flying even easier and more comfortable. It helps to ensure the safe and efficient takeoff, landing, and navigation of R/C aircraft.


High-Performance Processor - Adopting STM32F4 series MCU-ARM Cortex M4 processor, the frequency is up to 180MHz, providing more reliable performance.

Universal Interface - The output interfaces are the standard JR interfaces, can be directly connected to the receivers and servos, and no external converter is required. At the same time, the interface has a fool-proof design to effectively prevent mis-insertion.

Setting Parameters via PC, Easy and Intuitive - PC assistant software is provided. You can quickly set parameters with the assistant software, which is simple and easy to use. At the same time, the assistant software can upgrade the firmware.

Compatible with Various Receivers - It supports PPM, DSM, and S.BUS receivers and is compatible with most of the receivers on the market.

Low Battery Protection - A PMU module is provided to monitor the battery voltage in real-time. You can set the low battery protection (low battery return-to-home) function.

Advanced Attitude and Position Algorithm - Adopts Kalman filtering algorithm, combines with multiple sensors (6-axis gyro, barometers, magnetometer, and GPS) to achieve full state estimation and make the flight more stable.

More Flight Modes - Supports manual mode, stabilized mode, altitude hold mode, auto loiter mode, and Auto RTH mode.

Support OSD - An OSD module is provided, then the detailed information of the flight controller can be displayed in real-time on FPV flight, such as attitude, position, flight mode, voltage, and current.

Supported Wing Types - Normal wing, delta wing.

External Accessories - The accessories include a GPS, OSD, PMU, Etc.


Input Voltage

Sentan flight controller: 4V~6V
GPS module: 4V~10V
OSD: 4V~10V
PMU module: 7.4V~28V

Power Consumption

Sentan flight controller: 0.6W (120mA@5V)
GPS module: 0.3W (60mA@5V)
OSD: 0.5W (100mA@5V)
PMU module: 0.08W (5mA@16V)

Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃
OS Compatibility for Assistant Software: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10


Sentan flight controller: 51x35x13mm
GPS module: 55mm (diameter)x14.5mm
OSD: 38.5x23.5x9mm
PMU module: 47.9x40.1x10.2mm


Sentan flight controller: 18g
GPS module: 32g
OSD: 6g
PMU module: 51g


Supported Multi-rotor: Normal wing, Flying wing (delta wing)
Supported ESC Output: 400Hz
External Receiver Supported: PPM, S-BUS, DSM
Recommended Battery: 2S~6S Li-Po

Flight Performance

Max Climbing Speed: 5m/s
Max Horizontal Speed: 20m/s
Max Descent Speed: 5m/s

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