TomCat G10 3514-1150KV Outrunner Motor for (10 Glow) Balsa EP Airplane

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TomCat G10 3514-1150KV Outrunner Brushless Motor for (10 Glow) Balsa EP Airplane

The TomCat G series Balsa EP Planes brushless motor is designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. With advanced features and meticulous engineering, it ensures smooth, high-speed rotation and robust performance over extended periods.

High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Casing:

Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy.
Greatly enhances impact resistance.

Wear-Proof Bearing:

Provides smooth high-speed rotation.
Ensures long-lasting, high-strength performance with excellent concentricity.

Heat-Resistant Magnet Wire:

Utilizes 240° heat-resistant magnet wire.
Treated with vacuum impregnation to enhance heat conduction and resistance.
Prolongs the motor's service life.

High Conductivity Silicon Steel Sheets:

Made in Japan.
Offers superior magnetic conductivity, enhancing motor efficiency.

N45H Magnets:

Resistant to demagnetization even at high temperatures.
Ensures reliable high torque output under extreme conditions.

Optimized Heat Dissipation:

Innovative design facilitates efficient heat dissipation.
Enables consistent high power output and reliable performance.

Dynamic Balancing:

Rigorous dynamic balancing tests reduce vibration and noise.
Ensures quiet and stable high-speed operation.

Versatile Accessories:

Includes a 75cm extension cord in addition to the 10cm assembled wire for flexible motor connections.
Rich set of accessories meets various installation needs.
Guarantees high-quality and high-performance operation.

Enhanced Compatibility:

When paired with Skylord series ESC, the TomCat brushless motor excels in Balso EP airplanes.
Delivers excellent performance and an exceptional flying experience.

Experience the cutting-edge engineering of the TomCat motor, where precision, power, and performance converge to exceed your expectations.

TomCat G10 3514-1150KV Outrunner Brushless Motor is a comparable replacement for a ten glow. It features a durable construction and efficient design that delivers power and speed. With its smooth and quiet operation, this motor is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth and satisfying RC experience. Run this motor on 2-3 cell lipo and match it with an ESC of 50 Amps. 3 Cell Lipo users should see around 900-1400 grams of thrust on 10" - 12" props, while two cell users will see 500-700 grams on 10" - 12" Props. The G10 motor is rated at 460 Watts max, with a suggested amp draw of 33 Amps (44 Amps Burst).

TomCat Motor G Series Substitute for Glow/Gas Engine

TomCat Motor G Series for Airplanes


Type: TC-G-3514-KV1150 (G10)
KV(rpms per volt): 1150
No load current: 1.9 A @10V
Resistance: 0.044 ohms
Watts: up to 460
Continuous Current: 33A
Max Burst Current: 44A,10seconds
Cells: 2–3 S Li-Po (3510-12T 980KV 2-4 Cell Lipo)
Recommended Props: 10x5 to 12x6
Slots,Poles: 12,14
Weight: 3.8 oz (110g)
Motor Outer Dia: 35mm
Shaft Dia: 5mm
Brushless ESC: 50A

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