TomCat G46 5020-680KV Outrunner Brushless Motor (46 Glow)

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TomCat G46 5020-680KV Outrunner Brushless Motor is a comparable replacement for a 46 glow. Whether you are building a new RC vehicle, the TomCat G46 is a great choice for powering your project. With its efficient design and smooth operation, this motor will surely deliver the power and performance you need to succeed. Run this motor on 4-5 cell lipo and match it with an ESC of 70-80 Amps. The G46 motor is rated at 900 Watts max, with a suggested amp draw of 42 Amps (58 Amps Burst).

TomCat Motor G Series Substitute for Glow/Gas Engine

TomCat Motor G Series for Airplanes


Special bearing imported from Japan is wear proof. It still provides smooth high-speed rotation after using it for a long time.
The motor is made of high-strength aluminium alloy casing, which can greatly strengthen impact resistance.
The winding uses 240°heat-resistant magnet wire after the vacuum impregnation treatment, which can improve the heat conduction and heat resistance and prolong the service life of the motor.
N45H magnet is hard to degauss even at a high temperature and can guarantee reliable high torque output.
The optimized design provides a high-efficiency way for dissipating heat, which gives consistent high power output capability.
By handling dynamic balancing, the TomCat motor can lower the vibration and noise during the motor's high-speed rotation.
Besides the 10cm assembled wire, the additional 75cm extension cord will be provided To meet the different ways of motor connection.


Type: TC-G-5020-KV680 (G46)
KV(rpms per volt): 680
No load current: 2.8 A @10V
Resistance: 0.037 ohms
Watts: up to 900
Continuous Current: 42A
Max Burst Current: 58A,10seconds
Cells: 4–5 S Li-Po (G46 5020-680KV 4-5 Cell Lipo)
Recommended Props: 12x8 to 14x10
Slots,Poles: 12,14
Motor Outer Dia: 50 mm
Shaft Dia: 6.0 mm
Weight: 10.9 oz (310g)
Brushless ESC: 60A

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