Detrum Z3 Flight Controller - Upgrade Your Fixed-Wing to UAV

When it comes to flying RC aircraft, a flight controller is essential. One popular option on the market is the Detrum Z3 flight controller. This device offers a range of advanced features that help keep your aircraft stable and responsive in the air.
Detrum iStone-All V2 Stabilizer for RC Airplanes
One of the key features of the Detrum Z3 is its advanced stabilization system. This system uses advanced algorithms and sensors to keep your aircraft steady and level, even in challenging flying conditions. It can be especially helpful when flying in windy or turbulent conditions, as it can help prevent your aircraft from being knocked off course.

In 2016s, we released the Detrum iStone RC Airplane Stabilizers (iStone Acro/Pro/All) and Gyro Integrated Receivers (MSR66A and SR86A), which had significantly enhanced the flight stability and safety, especially for hobbyists who just started learning to fly. If the airplane loses control, the pilot simply turns the Auto-Balance switch, and the stabilizing function will bring the airplane back to level flight.

As the pilot learns to fly and continuously makes more mistakes, the chance of a crash increases as the pilot attempts to do more maneuvers. In addition, the airplane may quickly fly out of range, and it would be too late to fly it back. A smarter device that provides a safer flying experience yet keeps the fun of RC flying is imperatively needed.

The birth of the Detrum Z3 Flight Controller bridges the gap and will provide an unprecedented flight experience!
Detrum Z3 Lite Flight Controller w GPS
Detrum Z3 flight controller utilizes computer technology, rapid data processing technology, control algorithm, sensor technology, and communication technology and applies these technologies to the fixed-wing flight controller, where greater flight experience can be achieved with technical advancements. Together with other features, such as real-time voice broadcast and data logging, all these features will bring more fun of flight to more people. A new era of smart flight has begun.

In addition to all functions of iStone, Detrum Z3 also features automatic home return technology. If the airplane is out of visual control range, Detrum Z3 can bring the airplane back and hover over the take-off point. With the unique attitude control algorithm, Detrum Z3 creates more fun by enhancing safety, especially in windy weather, which turns fixed-wing flights into UAV flights.
Detrum Z3 Flight Controller w GPS & 3in1 Program Card
Detrum Z3 connects to the receiver on the airplane to provide flight control. Detrum Z3 supports five flying modes:

  • Return Home Mode: once actuated, the airplane flies back to the location where it takes off regardless of the airplane flight attitude;
  • Normal Stabilization Mode: provide basic gyro function to the airplane;
  • Safe Mode: control the airplane with pre-set parameters, including altitude and direction;
  • 3D Lock Mode: hold the position when actuated;
  • Autopilot Off Mode: The pilot controls the airplane.

Moreover, Detrum Z3 has an innovative and simple way to actuate horizontal calibration, making a computer or power reset unnecessary.

Detrum Z3 is compatible with ALL major 2.4 G systems in the market (Futaba, Spektrum, etc.) and supports DSM, S.BUS, and PWM receivers. Pairing with a Detrum 3in1 program card, the parameters can be easily programmed.
Detrum Blitz DT-9 & RXC9M System
Together with the Detrum Blitz DT-9 and RXC9M system, the telemetry function provides real-time flight information, including attitude, speed, altitude, distance, and satellite reception. Flight information (max, min, average) is recorded and available for pilots to review after completing the flight.

If you already have a Detrum Blitz DT9 or 8C transmitter, all you need is an SR86A-G GPS autopilot receiver, which has all the functions of Detrum Z3. You may enjoy the fun with the easy binding process.
Detrum Blitz DT98C Transmitter w SR86A-G GPS Autopilot Receiver
Already have a Fixed-wing airplane or transmitter? Why not update it into a fixed-wing UAV with a Detrum Z3 Flight Controller?

Detrum Z3-FPV, Make Your Airplane FPVable

The Z3 series flight control is a product that combines electronics and computer technology, data processing technology, control theory, sensor technology, and communication technology into the flight field. With the application of various sensors, software updates, and upgrades through radio remote control technology, advanced flight control algorithms, rapid data analysis and processing, real-time voice broadcast, etc., it can assist aircraft in safer flight, reduce the technical threshold of flight, and make more Many people enjoy the fun of flying, thus entering a new era of fixed-wing intelligent flight.
Detrum Z3 Autopilot FPV
Let's check out the new Detrum Z3 flight control series, Z3-FPV, specially designed for FPV aircraft by DETRUM TECH R&D team!
Detrum Z3 Autopilot FPV Flight Controller

  • OSD Information Display Function: Real-time Monitoring of Flight Data

Detrum Z3 Autopilot FPV OSD Infomation Display

The built-in OSD shows the plane's altitude, speed, posture, and distance on the screen.

When it cooperated with the Detrum Blitz-DT9 Transmitter and RXC9M receiver, it can return real-time voltage, altitude, speed, altitude, distance, satellite signal, and other information to the transmitter in real-time, with voice broadcast and record the maximum and average value of information after the aircraft landed for analysis.
Detrum Blitz-DT9 Transmitter & RXC9M Receiver

  • Independent PMU: Stable Power Supply Guarantee

Detrum PMU Sentan Set
The PMU supports 2-6S, can provide a stable power supply (5V) for flight control, camera, and other equipment, and can collect current, voltage, and other information.

  • One-click RTH & Fail Safe: The Guarantee of Safe Flight

Toggle the remote control RTH switch when required. The aircraft will maintain the current altitude(By default, when manually returning home, the aircraft will climb to 60 meters when the altitude is lower than 60 meters and lower to 120 meters when it is higher than 120 meters.), and the autopilot will return to the take-off point side by side-waiting for you to regain control of the aircraft(The default circle radius is 50 meters). Parameters such as return speed and hovering radius can be set in the programming card according to the properties of the aircraft.

With an out-of-control protection function (DSM, S.BUS receiver is activated automatically, PPM receiver needs to set out-of-control protection), when the aircraft flies out of the remote control range or the signal is bad, Detrum Z3-FPV flight control will automatically take over the aircraft, the height * keep 100 meters Fly back to the take-off point and circle (circling radius 50 meters) waiting for you to regain control of the aircraft.

*As mentioned above, the heights are relative to the take-off point.

  • Compatible with Most Receivers on the Market

Detrum Z3-FPV Airplanes Flight Controller

  • Main Control IC

32-bit high-performance ARM core processor, 6-axis MEMS gyro chipset, barometer.

  • Control Algorithm

Original airplane attitude stabilization algorithm and control algorithm. Support normal wing, fly wing, V-tail airplanes, and 3D planes.

  • Flying Mode

There are five modes: Gyro Off Mode(OFF), Normal Mode(normal), Auto-Recovery Mode(Safe), Aerobatic Mode(Aerobatic), and Return to Home Mode(RTH). Different Modes can be switched during flying.

  • Adjusting the Gain

Set the gain and other programmable items with a Detrum 3in1 program card.

  • Firmware Upgrade

With the USB upgrade function, manufacturers update the function and upgrade firmware.
Detrum Z3-FPV Flight Controller OSD 3-in-1 Program Card & PMU
Technical Parameter

Main Control IC: 32-bit high-performance ARM core processor
Built-in Sensor: 6-axis gyro, barometer
Gyro Range: -2000dps~+2000dps
Accelerometer Range: -4g ~ +4g
Input Signal: PPM, Futaba S.BUS, DSM
Output Signal: PWM(71.4Hz)
Work Voltage Range: 4.8V~7.4V
Work Temp: -20℃~70℃
Dimension: 36.5*29.4*12.6mm
Weight: 12g
Detrum Z3-FPV Flight Controller Wiring Diagram
Overall, however, the Detrum Z3 remains a solid choice for anyone looking for a high-quality flight controller for their aircraft. Its advanced stabilization system and broad compatibility can help take your RC aircraft flying skills to the next level.

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